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::Thats HOW we do it Down in Di[><]iE::
im from the COUNTRY, and i like it that way!

Date: 2006-07-17 11:27
Subject: ReDnEcK PrIdE 4 LIFE!!! [><]
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Music:How About You::Eric Church::
Being a redneck is being proud of your roots *&* a true love for your father's name. Rednecks are good ol' boys/gals who usually live in the south (usually in the country) *&* also havin that southern accent. Sometimes, their necks are red and maybe their arms, too, cause they work hard and out in tha heat all day. There are other types of rednecks which may be cowboys/girls, mountain men/women, country boys/gals, or even HILLBILLYS!!!

Rednecks usually like big truck tires, huntin', fishin', tractor pulls, country music, Charlie Daniels, and rebel flags. They even often drive pickup trucks that have such loud sounds that can usually be heard, before the truck is seen. "They also tend to blare country music from their radios. They usually add a CB radio to their truck and may have a gun rack in the back and an ol' rebel flag flyin from the antennae or posted on their front or back winshield." (yahoo) If you like Dukes of hazzard" you might be a ReDnEcK

Just a few more things about Rednecks: They sure do love women/men (preferrably Cowgirls/boys), country music, wearin jeans, wearin boots (may be leather), wearin em cowboy hats, and yellin YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAWW!! Talkin and telling some stories, round a good ol camp fire, or while fishin' huntin' watchin wrestlin, watchin or goin to NASCAR races, watchin baseball or football~

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Date: 2006-07-17 10:07
Subject: it has been a great 4 days :)
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Music:California girls::Gretchen Wilson::

thursday::i went to my brothers all*star game in E.City! that was a purdy bad game! L(13-0) ouch! i hung out with my brothers gf Rhonda Deanna Beachem whos the grestest eeeevvvveeerrrrr! we acted like a bunch of lil kids playin on the lil swing set! haha!

friday::i stayed home and babysitted to my 'rents got home! my brothers game got rained out!!

saturday:: i went to my brothers 2nd allstar game...haha me and RDB acted like a bunch of lil kids again! we made up a song haha

"My BABY is SOUTHERN made! Born and Bred
in the NC!
From his sexy brown hair to his
WRANGLER jeans..
by::KMC&&RDB :)

sunday::was the greatest day of the whole weekend! :o) i go 2 go 2 mill*ville to see my SeXY FaVORITE :)
we rode 4wheelers for a while thru the woods!
then just went back to his house 2 watch tv && just hang out!
w/ my SEXY FAVORITE! <"im his hoe" haha!

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Date: 2006-07-11 19:40
Subject: getting back to this!
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Music:Settle For a Slowdown::Direks Bently::
im back!! i decided to do another LJ! i was a lil tired of myspace! neways! my SUMMER is been goin alrite! just babysittin! i quit all my softball teams cuz i was tired of dem! neways im gunna go! 

<3 yall
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